What’s the deal with airbrush makeup?

What’s the deal with airbrush makeup?

A lot of brides contact me because they’re adamant about having airbrush makeup. Others don’t know the difference. And a very small group are skeptical because they’ve either had a bad experience with another artist, or just are skeptical people. So what’s the deal??

Enough people don’t realize the benefit of airbrush makeup so I though I’d share a bit about it! I started out as a skeptic myself. Years ago I figured it was just a bunch of hype so I wouldn’t buy in. (Why spend money on a whole new set up anyway??) Finally, one year I had two brides contact me saying they would only book if I had it. Therefore, I said I had it, went and bought it, and spent the next few months preparing for their wedding day. haha. Haven’t looked back since!

Here’s a few things that I love:

-Airbrush makeup is as sanitary as it gets. Nothing ever touches a person so if you have very sensitive or acne prone skin, this is a benefit.

-Airbrush makeup (with the right artist) is a lot LESS makeup that you would traditionally wear, while having a beautiful, flawless finish.

-Airbrush makeup helps camouflage acne scarring. Fabulous! Where you would typically be swiping makeup in and out and all around the scarring, airbrush lays a thin layer over, which helps disguise the texture.

-Airbrush makeup is going to stay ALL DAY LONG. I have had clients over the years bragging about wearing their makeup for days and days! (yikes! haha) However crazy, that’s awesome! Oily skin will not break down the makeup; blot or powder and you’re perfect. Makeup won’t move. You won’t streak it when you cry on wedding day or sweat on the dance floor. Do I need to mention Alabama summers during photos?? Amazing.

-It feels like nothing is on your skin. Because it’ such a light layer of makeup, you don’t feel bogged down, and it won’t be coming off of the clothes of all your huggers. 🙂

Those are a few of my LOVES of airbrush. If you’ve had a bad experience, don’t be opposed to giving it another shot. I promise it was the artist, not the makeup. It’s your beauty dream day for a long day of whatever awesome you have going on!

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