Squeaky Clean Brushes

Squeaky Clean Brushes

I hate (HATE) cleaning my brushes! I don’t know why!! haha. But I do. What I love though, is the look and feel of them when I’m done. (Just to be clear here, I’m talking about my bathroom makeup brushes! I clean my business makeup brushes after EVERY person!)

If you have good brushes, they should last you a life time. You should get board with them way before they ruin. IF you’re taking care of them. Since I was in the cleaning mood, I thought I’d share some tips on how to keep your brushes around for a looooooong time.

-Keep a brush cleaner around for quick cleans. I use the MAC brush cleaner because it conditions them too. Some brush cleaners have a lot of alcohol to dry fast, but it can cause the brush hairs to break off. Not good.

-For deep cleans, treat your brushes like your head. (If you’re good to your hair that is!) Use a shampoo made for color treated hair. It will be the most gentle. (NOT Dawn. NOT baby shampoo.) It is sometimes nice to follow up with a conditioner on your big powder brushes to get that really soft feel back. Just rinse all products out really well so your brush dries fluffy. I squirt some shampoo in my hand, wet the brush, then swirl it around until I have a good lather and rinse it out. Some brushes require you to repeat a couple of times. Especially powder or foundation brushes.

-Always lay your brushes flat to dry. If you dry them standing up, the water will seep down and start softening the glue which leads to hair loss. And none of us like hair loss.

-If you’re not a frequent brush cleaner, the way you know it’s WAAAYYY time to clean your brushes is when you notice that your makeup isn’t going on quite right. I’ve had clients think the makeup isn’t working for them anymore, or forget why they ever liked the brush. Then I clean it for them and like magic, the makeup is awesome again.

Good makeup brushes are crucial to a good makeup application. But they’re also quite an investment. So protect your investment and keep those babies clean! That way you can use your money to buy MORE instead of replacing stuff you already have. 😉

If you have any brush tips, comment and share the love!

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