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Your Airbrush Spray Tan

Spray tanning is the fastest and healthiest way to get that summer color, without having to risk the health of your skin. Some time in the sun is necessary for everybody, but too much is no good at all! DHA (dihydroxyacetone) is the active ingredient in the spray tan solution that gives you your tan. It is safe, organic, and has been approved by the FDA for around 30 years.

If I come to you, I travel with a pop up tent, and a mobile machine for spraying your tan. The tent makes sure that we don’t get any overspray on your carpet or furniture. I have everything we need to get you the best tan! It’s my mission to make sure that you look your best, and that your tan lasts as long as possible! I want you to get the most out of every tan, so I will give you instructions on how to properly prepare for your tan, as well as how to take care of it afterwards.

How to Prepare for Your Airbrush Spray Tan

To prepare for your tan, shave and exfoliate your body really well with your Organic Sugar Scrub at least 4 hours before you tan. Don’t use any scrub with oil. This one washes clean to leave your skin ready for a great tan.

The day of your tan, skip the moisturizer. Lotions or oils will cause your tan to be streaky or spotty. When you pack for your spray tan appointment, have something dark to be sprayed in (How much or little you wear for your tanning session is up to your comfort level. Just keep tan lines in mind!), a hair tie, chapstick, flipflops and dark, loose-fitting clothing to wear afterwards. Tight clothing will cause lines in your tan. (Skip the bra and remember your flip flops.) Come clean of makeup, deodorant, and all lotions or perfumes. Be prepared not to take a shower or sweat for about eight hours after your tan.

Preparing well for your spray tan has EVERYTHING to do with how well your tan looks in the end.

The Airbrush Spray Tan Process

When we meet together you’ll put your hair up and take off all jewelry. I’ll finish getting you ready for the perfect tan, as well as teach you how to take care of it afterwards!

You will undress to your level of comfort, keeping tan lines in mind, and I will direct you how to stand as I hand spray your airbrush spray tan with your customized color and skin treatments if you’ve chosen any. The process takes about 5 minutes. (That’s it!) Once we’re done, you’ll dry for one minute then are free to get dressed. Just wear something LOOSE so you don’t make lines in your tan, and there is little friction against your fresh tan. This includes NO socks or shoes. Flip flops for the win! I even take those off when I’m settled somewhere after the spray.

The Rest of Your Day (Or Night)

After you leave me, you’ll need to stay DRY. No working out, sweating, crying, or getting caught in the rain. Water is the kryptonite! You WILL be splotchy if you get wet. Also – remember – the cosmetic bronzer in your tan can transfer until you shower. So don’t touch your tanned skin or your hands will turn where you don’t want them to.

If you’ve done the Rapid airbrush spray tan, you can shower within 1-4 hours depending on your color choice, or after 8 hours with the traditional airbrush spray tan solution. The tan will fully develop in the following 8 hours, but you don’t have to be careful as long!

Your tan will last for a minimum of 5 days with minimal maintenance, but if you follow my instructions, can last up to 10 days!

Your Airbrush Spray Tan Maintenance

If you follow my instructions, your tan will last longer and fade smoothly with no tale tale signs that it wasn’t yours all along!

Moisturize as much as you can or want! The more moisture the better! (Really.) Just choose one without a heavy fragrance as they will have skin drying alcohol. Avoid creams with oil as well. Once a day, apply your Tan Extending Lotion. This will absorb into your skin best right after a shower! It has the same solution that you were sprayed with so it will keep your tan touched up PERFECTLY!

Touch up your face, hands, and feet as needed with your Instant Airbrush Self Tanner. These areas wear off the fastest because we wash them harder and more often. This is also the same solution you were sprayed with so it will touch up your color perfectly

General Tips:

  • ALWAYS use SPF when in the sun. Spray tans offer NO sun protection.
  • When you shower or swim, pat dry with your towel instead of rubbing dry.
  • When you shave, use a new razor so you don’t have to scrub your skin with the razor. (The less you exfoliate the better.)
  • Keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of fresh water daily. This will promote healthy, hydrated skin. Healthy skin equals healthy tan.
  • Avoid long hot baths. Shower instead.
  • When swimming, use a waterproof SPF to provide a barrier between the water and your tan to help prolong the tan.
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Enough can’t be said for good skin care!

Happy, healthy tanning!

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