Airbrush Spray Tan FAQ

airbrush spray tan

I hope to answer the most common questions about the airbrush spray tan here, but if you have any questions for me, I would love to answer them for you! Shoot me a message by clicking here, text me at 205-563-2955 for a quick response!

How does an airbrush spray tan work?
Your airbrush spray tan is applied using an air compressor that applies a DHA-based solution to your skin. This method—and this type of equipment—allows for the most precision and the most natural-looking tan.

What is DHA? Is it safe?
DHA is the main ingredient in my sunless tanning products. It is a simple, non-toxic sugar that is often derived from plant sources such as sugar beets and sugar cane. When applied to the body, DHA will respond to the amino acids on the outermost layer of the skin, changing its color to a tan tone that looks beautiful. It is completely safe. I also offer nasal filters for people to feel more comfortable. You can read more about DHA here if you’re in to that kind of thing.

What should I wear during my airbrush spray tan session?
For your airbrush spray tan, you can wear as much or as little as you are comfortable with. You want to keep in mind the tan lines that will be left from what you wear when we spray. If you will be in a strapless dress, you’ll want to wear a strapless bathing suit or strapless bra, for example.

After we spray your airbrush spray tan, you’ll want to wear loose fitting clothing. Anything tight will rub a line in your tan and make it uneven. I suggest wearing dark clothing. The solution shouldn’t stain, but just in case. No tight shoes or socks for the same reason. A loose sandal or flip flops are best.

How long will my airbrush spray tan last?
The life of your tan depends on how well the recommended skin care regime is followed; before, during, and after the professional application. Factors may also include each individuals skin type, and skin chemistry. Individual results may vary. Your airbrush spray tan from Porcelain + Pink should last about 5 days naturally, or up to 10 days if you follow my guidelines for prepping for, and taking care of your spray tan. You can find those by clicking here.

Why do some tans make people look like they rolled in orange Doritos?
Unnatural orange tones are usually the result of either too high of a concentration of DHA in the tanning formula, or over-application of a concentrated formula. You can also end up looking orange by using automated booths and at-home tanning lotions if you’re not careful. I took great pains to find a spray tan solution that I was very happy with. I tried many (MANY) that were awful before finding the one I was willing to put my name on. I use Sjolie spray tan solution which is an organic, vegan, cruelty free and very natural looking. Even more, it fades off evenly.

By choosing a certified spray tan technician like myself, you know you’re getting a well applied, even coat of color, as well as a carefully chosen tanning solution.  The technology used to apply the spray tan solution assures that all areas of the body receive a uniform coating of the solution in the exact quantity required to produce a golden brown tan.

Can an airbrush tan protect me from UVA and UVB rays?
No! It does not. You should always wear sunscreen whenever you are exposed to sunlight.

Can I get an airbrush spray tan if I’m pregnant?
There are no known side effects from the application of an airbrush spray tan. As a precaution, if you are pregnant, you should always consult with your physician or other qualified health care provider before receiving a spray tan or any beauty or skin care application.

I hope I’ve answered most of your questions!
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Happy, healthy tanning!

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