The Rapid Spray Tan

The Rapid Spray Tan

Sometimes you want (NEED) to be tan, but don’t have 8 hours to sit in your spray tan solution and take care while it develops. Enter – the RAPID SPRAY TAN! This is perfect for people that want a tan, but still need to get ready to be somewhere without having to make sure you don’t get wet or mess up your tan.

With the Rapid Spray Tan you will shower in 1-4 hours after spraying, depending on your desired color. Then you can get ready and go about your day while your tan develops over the next 8 hours. Easy!

Mom Tip…

This was a life changer having a little one to take care of! Since baby, obviously you want to look better so you feel better, but you’re still up all of the time taking care of the little(s) and getting spit up on and such. haha. So washing ‘stuff’ off all of the time is a disaster for a spray tan! This spray tan is perfect for moms because you can shower so quickly. The perfect answer for feeling like you can still rock AND mom. 🙂


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