It’s time for PROM which means it’s time for prom MAKEUP!!!

We all know that these days everybody is on social of every kind and you’re going to have a million pictures taken. Half you don’t even know about, and most of them live. You don’t want to get caught in any Snaps you regret, so your prom makeup has to be on point! So let me get you ready to go…airbrush and falsies for the win!

Airbrush and falsies FTW!

I use airbrush makeup so your prom makeup isn’t going to budge all night, and false lashes so you slay in every picture. 😉 Bring your Pinterest finds and we’ll get you ready to go for a fun night where you’re NOT having to touch up your makeup all night. Then tag me in your pics so I can see you having fun in your look!

For that extra, book a spray tan a couple of days before prom so you look great in your dress too. We all know you haven’t been in the sun for a while so let’s get it together.

Makeup / $75
Spray Tan / $35

Click here to get set up with an appointment!

P.S. I only have like 1 spot left on March 11.

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