So we’re finally getting to go on vacation! Last year was SO crazy so we didn’t get to go anywhere! If you’d like to know what was going on, check out my personal blog here!… View Post

What’s the deal with airbrush makeup?

A lot of brides contact me because they’re adamant about having airbrush makeup. Others don’t know the difference. And a very small group are skeptical because they’ve either had a bad experience with another artist,… View Post

Squeaky Clean Brushes

I hate (HATE) cleaning my brushes! I don’t know why!! haha. But I do. What I love though, is the look and feel of them when I’m done. (Just to be clear here, I’m talking… View Post

Best Spray Tan EVER

I LOVE a good tan. Unfortunately, I was blessed with very pale skin that takes a very long time to build a tan. Pair that with no time to roast in the sun and you… View Post

Red Cherry Lashes

Hello loves! I love sharing when I find something that I love, and this is a LOVE! I think these are my new favorite any-time lashes! For one, they’re only $2.50. You can’t get them… View Post