You can do it!

For real! I can teach you!
There is always more to learn and I'm here for it!

It doesn’t take a special occasion to want to look good! I am a firm believer that the better you look, the more confident you are, and the better you are at life. Every woman deserves to take a little time to feel good about herself. That’s YOU. So let’s get together and get it figured out!

Jen Matthews
Jen Matthews
Jen Matthews

There are so many great focuses for a makeup lesson!

My goal for makeup lessons is for you to have information you can use and have fun with, so we’ll discuss the focus of the lesson before our meeting so we can get the most out of our time together.

Makeup bag makeover is a great place to start! We’ll go through your current routine and see what you have that works, what doesn’t… what to toss, and what to add in.

Other great makeup lessons can be…

Your New Every Day Look
Smokey Eye
Teen Intro Makeup
Your Fave Pinterest Find
An On-Trend Makeup Look
Makeup for Aging Skin

It’s limitless what we can learn together!

There are a couple of options for our meeting together:

Virtual Makeup Lesson

You and I will meet on Zoom with a clean face and do our makeup together!

This is such a cool option because afterwards you’ll end up with a complete recording of our lesson! I’ll also send you a digital face chart for a visual of everything we went over!

90 minutes

In Person Makeup Lesson

We’ll meet together in person to go through your makeup lesson step by step based on your makeup concerns that we will have already discussed.

90 minutes