Happy Halloween

Jeweled Skull Makeup
It's time to be whatever you want to be...

I LOVE Halloween makeup because we get to go nuts with creativity! My studio is like a glitter explosion and paint is everywhere. It’s the BEST!

Halloween… the deets.

Halloween appointments are longer than a typical makeup because they are more intricate, so I don’t have many openings each year. Plus – I AM taking my kid trick or treating so you know, I can’t be tied up all night. 🙂

Halloween appointments are taken only in my studio in Alabaster AL unless it’s an unusual day for a Halloween party. The weekend of and Halloween day are exclusively in studio so I can fit more appointments.

Prices are quoted based on the intricacy of the look, so be ready to send me a pic when you’re ready to book! If you’re not sure yet, you’ll just be restricted to the time allotted by default.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Wow me!

Let’s get you set up. This is going to be AWESOME!