I LOVE the holiday season and I LOVE adding some special sparkle and glow! I’ve put together some of my favorites into the PERFECT palettes for gifting (or for yourself!) this season!
I’ll be showing you what’s in them and how you can use them on Facebook so keep an eye out!


Scarlet Lip + Cheek color is my all time favorite holiday lip color! It’s the most beautiful matte red that can be used on your cheeks as well for a rosy pop!

Level up! The Perfector is the ultimate makeup game changer. Dampen the sponge and press over makeup to make it melt into your skin to look even more natural.

Pro tip: Dampen it with the Stay Setting Spray for double duty!

Glamazing is my FAVE!! On a low key day, use it as the perfect pop on the inside corner of your eyes to open them up wide! On a glam day, use it on your cheek bones and cupids bow for the ultimate glam illuminator!

Your skin will thank you. Hard core. This creme is the ultimate drink for your winter skin. Then it will continue loving it year round! Its truly the best stuff! Wish list, stocking stuffer, just make it happen!

The Forever Glow

You already know that EVERY outfit looks better with a little color on your skin! This is the perfect glowing skin combo.

Scrub, Tan, Maintain. It’s the perfect solution to keep the snow white winter limited to the weather.


Quick Holiday Glam

Be ready for any party any time with this portable palette of perfection! You can plan ahead or get ready on the fly with everything you need to be party ready in one palette!

Angel Illuminator, Bella Bronzer, Spiced Creme Eyeshadow, Black Friday Eyeliner, Desert Sunset Lip and Cheek, and a free magnetic palette!


Let It Glow, Let It Glow, Let It Glow

If there’s anything that I feel is a MUST about the holidays, it’s the GLOW! Glitter, shimmer, shine, and glow, it’s all a must.

Grab these FAVES of mine for the perfect party look in the easiest way.

Glamazing Illuminator and Bella Bronzer for the perfect glow, Bubba and Graceland for and easy neutral glitter eye, and Vanilla Dust setting powder for the perfect finish.


Perfect Lip Kit

This Lip Kit is Holiday Perfection! It includes your winter essentials for moisturized, healthy lips with the Dulce de Leche Lip Scrub and Peppermint Lip Conditioner. (Ugh. FAVE!) Then be set up for whatever vibe you have with Sandstone and Scarlet Lip and Cheek colors for either a perfect neutral or a holiday red! Combine for anything in between!

Add a Multitasker Brush and you’re all set! Your Lip kit comes with a free magnetic palette to make it so easy to carry anywhere!


Brows for the WIN

Nothing frames your face picture perfectly like well groomed brows! Whether natural or dramatic, groomed brows make ALLL the difference! Grab the set up that will work best for you and get ready to be picture perfect!

You’ll need to grab a Line Brush to make it all happen!