Congrats, girl!

You’re getting married!

Here’s what wedding day with Porcelain + Pink looks like!

Getting Ready for Wedding Day…

Your Trial Run

Your bridal package includes a full trial run so we can determine what your best wedding look will be! This makes wedding day extra relaxed because you already know what’s coming.

About 8 weeks or so before the wedding is a great place for a trial run! You don’t want to be terribly far out, as your skin and style ideas may change the closer you get. We’ll do this in my home studio, and I recommend doing it close to the time you will take pictures on wedding day so you get to see the makeup in all of the lighting you’ll be in that day!

Pictures are always welcome if you have something you’re wanting to recreate. If not, then we’ll get there together!

A friend or mom is a great idea to have with you so you have a second opinion, but I don’t recommend more than that. You can share your selfie to some of your close girls after, but too many opinions at the same time will just confuse you in the moment. And if at all possible, no children.

It’s show time! 

Wedding Day

On wedding day there are plenty of things to worry about, but your makeup isn’t going to be one of them! We’ve already done a trial run, so you’re comfortable with what’s about to happen.

I come to you wherever and whenever you need me to make sure your day goes smoothly and according to plan for photos and everything! I like to allot 30 minutes per person getting makeup, then bake in another 20-30 minutes just to provide a little margin. So we’ll start early enough to get everyone done in time. If it’s a larger party than I can accommodate alone, I’ll bring a partner! I know some great artists! Your girls are in good hands either way!

Once everyone is ready, I’ll do a once over to make sure everyone is ok, then you’ll be off to pictures! I am happy to stay through the day to keep everyone touched up for an additional fee, but most people don’t feel its necessary. The airbrush wears so well that it’s just your lip color that will need touchups. But I’m here to do whatever makes you comfortable!

What a rush! 

After Wedding Day

I’ll be waiting on pins and needles to see your wedding pictures! I know you looked fabulous all day and I just can’t wait to get a glimpse of your special day!!

Congratulations, friend! You’re MARRIED!!

2020 Wedding Rates Guide

Your bridal package includes a full face makeup application, false lashes, airbrush makeup, highlighting and contouring, and your trial run.


Bridal Party

Bridesmaids, Mothers, or other bridal party – $75

Add On’s

Lashes with another service – $15
Lashes only – $25

Additional Fees

Travel Fee – For a distance of more than 20 miles, there will be an additional travel fee of $.58 per mile round trip.

Full Day Bridal Makeup Rate

If you would like to ensure that you have me there to help you look your best all day long, you can book me for a full day. That is 8 hours beginning at an agreed upon time to get your bridal party ready in time for pictures. I will do as many makeup applications  as will fit in your schedule for the day, then be available for touch ups for the rest of the time remaining. Perfect if you don’t want to worry about keeping yourself touched up, or if you would like to change your look for the reception! This option also includes everything laid out in the bridal package above.

Wedding Day Minimum

There is a minimum of a 5 person booking to be the main wedding of the day (or a full day booking). If your service total does not meet the 5 person minimum, you will be worked in before or after the main wedding. Of course, I work with all of my brides to make sure you are ready in plenty of time for pictures! This minimum also applies to weddings located an hour or more from my home studio.

Ready to get your day booked?


It’s a super simple process and can all be done online. Click below to get in touch if you have any questions, or if you’d like to get your day set up! I would LOVE to be a part of your dream wedding!

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