Best Spray Tan EVER

Best Spray Tan EVER

I LOVE a good tan. Unfortunately, I was blessed with very pale skin that takes a very long time to build a tan. Pair that with no time to roast in the sun and you have a good healthy need for a spray tan!

When I decided I wanted to add spray tanning to my services of Porcelain & Pink, I can’t even tell you how many samples I tried from different companies trying to find the PERFECT one. And I also can’t begin to count the number of REALLY BAD spray tans I had in the process.

I finally settled on my favorite and have been happy with it for years, so I have forgotten the painstaking process I went through to find it. UNTIL I see a bad one. Look – spray tanning has come a long long way from the orange stuff of the past so there is NO reason to accept a bad spray. My heart hearts every time I see a weird orange, splotchy hand, or muddy looking foot. Your face should be even. Your neck should be smooth. I should think you’ve actually been in the sun.

I use Sjolie solution, which is organic, vegan, all natural, animal friendly, and FDA approved even for pregnant and nursing women. It looks beautiful, and if you follow my advice for color choice, it will fade off beautifully as well. If you follow my tips your tan will last a minimum of 5 days, and if you add in the extending products I carry, you’ll be able to extend that to a good 10 days.

LOVE this tan.

So I’m serious…I don’t want to see any more bad tans out there! Come try it out and you’ll love it!

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