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Makeup shouldn’t be about covering you up. It’s about making you shine!

Bridal Makeup

On-location makeup for you and your bridal party. Your big day will be full of big moments and your makeup should be the last thing on your mind.

Halloween Makeup

My favorite kind of makeup! Creativity explosion! I’d love to bring your ideas to live with all of the glitter and glue! Bring it on!

Makeup Lessons

Every woman deserves to know how to do their makeup every day to feel amazing. Let’s get together online or in person and make sure you have the skills you need to feel your best!

Your Makeup

Let’s get you set up with the easiest makeup you’ve ever had! With a little info, I’ll send you custom color recommendations to get you all set up!

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Heres the truth... you're awesome! You deserve to feel that awesomeness all over!

Porcelain + Pink offers makeup artistry for all events and reasons! Jen Matthews is a makeup artist located just outside of Birmingham, AL. Jen specializes as a wedding makeup artist, airbrush makeup artist, Halloween makeup, as well as offering pageant makeup, prom makeup, makeup lessons, and any other reason you can think of to get glammed up!

Jen loves to work with women on their everyday makeup as well! Get in touch for custom color recommendations, to learn your new makeup routine, or a class on any makeup skill you’d like to learn!

Jen Matthews